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Yes, They're Reel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

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Welcome, CWN readers [Feb. 1st, 2007|11:19 pm]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

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For the record,
  • our movie features neither bowler hats nor stabbing;
  • the festival fixed the projection (eventually);
  • I'm "another producer (of many)" in the way that your momma is "among" the whores in your life — I may have left the project during post-production, but during the pitch, the fundraising, and the production, I was one of its goddamn parents, and leaving me out of the story of its creation isn't just bruising to my ego (which it is: and for what I got paid to devote my life to the movie for five months, credit where it's due is just about all I have, so I'm unashamed to demand it); it's also bad journalism;
  • then again, perhaps an e-mail interview plus lifting items from our "tattered" blog doesn't ... quite ... cut it as "journalism."

cover photo from Chicago Weekly, 01 Feb 2007, depicting art-tards in bowler hats drinking tea and holding knives
How about a spot of murrrder? I say! Jolly good.

Weirdest. Profile. Ever., lovingly transcribed — mostly as-printed, except for the most egregious misspellings — after the jump.

Read more...Collapse )

By the way! Keep reading this page for Crime Fiction's original production notes. For more of what we've been up to lately, including festivals and reviews, click here.

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Trailer: "Crime Fiction" (2006, dir. Will Slocombe) [Dec. 17th, 2006|06:55 am]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

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Show media Loading...

Trailer: "Crime Fiction" (2006, dir. Will Slocombe) on Google Video

Crime Fiction

Official Selection, 2007 Slamdance Film Festival.

Would you kill for a good story?

James Cooper (Jonathan Eliot) is a failed writer toiling in academic copy-editing until his girlfriend — and opportunity — lands on the sidewalk below his bedroom window.

Schrödinger Partners and Fire Escape Films present a CFP Production — Crime Fiction.

Jonathan Eliot. Christian Stolte. Amy Sloan. Yasen Peyankov. Katrina Lenk. With Dan Bakkedahl.

Associate Producers Ben Kolak, Marc DeMoss, Jonathan E. Cowperthwait. Music by David Bashwiner. Costume design by Marya Spont. Art direction by Molika Ashford. Production design by Yasmin Al-Naib. Edited by Christopher Zuber. Cinematography by Kirsten Boyd Johnson. Produced by Graham Ballou. Written by Jonathan Eliot. Directed by Will Slocombe.

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Crime Fiction premiere announced [Dec. 7th, 2006|12:45 am]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

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As announced in Tuesday's Variety, our movie Crime Fiction will hold its world premiere at opening day of Slamdance 2007, this Jan 19, in downtown Park City, with a second screening on Jan 22. To incentivize attending both screenings, we're red-carpeting at the first evening, but partying (/ judge-bribing) after the second. To allay your fears of hitchhiking in the snow in those slutty, slutty shoes, SUV service will be provided for the duration by festival promoters and our corporate overlords.

Print this out and show it to my bodyguards:

still shot from Crime Fiction, © Crime Fiction Pictures LLCThis is your standing invitation to the Crime Fiction Pictures hospitality suite, aka Jon & Graham & Will & Other Jon & Ben & Alex & David & Marc & Kirsten's festival week condo, at the PowderWood (snicker) in Park City. We arrive 16 Jan, and leave 23 Jan, and for this entire week, my sole reasons for living will be blogging and drinking vodka at the hotel then riding around in our Suburban trying to get photographed snorting lines of powdered sugar off promotional DVD jewelcases. Since all this works much better with an entourage in tow, I need an entourage in tow. And that's where you come in. Come in ridiculously puffy jackets and plastic sunglasses, brandishing small handguns, pilferable Sidekicks, and powdered-sugar spoons.

No, seriously, come pretend to be my friends. We won't fly you out, but upon your arrival we have some screening passes or something, an SUV (you thought I was kidding?), and the opportunity to totter around Park City scooping up neat swag, more free booze than you know what to do with, and the chance to throw it all up on Demi Moore.

Attention corporate readers: if you broker the purchase of naming rights to our afterparty, I'll display any logo gear you make me — how about Sex Can Wait beanies, or Acme-A1 Discount Auto Insurance plastic beer cups, eh? eh? — and ghost-write you some plausibly true company newsletter ditties about [name-of-colleague-here] getting a lap-dance from Felicity Huffman.

Who could say no to that?
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CF Spring Retreat [Jun. 13th, 2006|09:20 am]
Don Lee Boone's production diary
As Cowp observed, when he, Bash and I start our Christian rock band, this photo will be on the album cover:

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Bring on the online [Apr. 2nd, 2006|06:22 pm]
Don Lee Boone's production diary
Capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture capture...

graham captures

...and 48 hours later, we have a feature film in full HD.
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I have no idea, either [Feb. 26th, 2006|10:15 pm]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

Let's be honest. The North Korean joke was motivated by our insane love of large sunglasses.
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Yes we're still making a film. No it's not finished. [Feb. 26th, 2006|01:47 am]
Don Lee Boone's production diary
It's been 2.5 months since Cowp last posted. For those (few) who still frequent this website, a brief update:

1.) We're still alive and doing well.

2.) We're still working on the film. It, too, is well.

3.) We just hired sound people. Clean up, foley and design will be handled by Drew Weir at Vagabond Audio. A good guy, a cool studio.

4.) We're loading-in to i-cubed in the next one or two weeks. They're going to do our color and compositing. Again, cool people, cool place.

5.) David Bashwiner is no longer working on the film. Our new composer, Jacques Classique, grew up in the Loire Valley and studied composition in Paris. Now that Jacques is on board, we're confident that the film's score will win an oscar.*

6.) Speaking of the score, Bash (before the tragedy) arranged for the UC Symphony Orchestra to perform the music for "Crime Fiction." Cool. We are no longer kept awake at night worrying that the film's music will amount to a three-track midi composition.

7.) We have a new kick-ass editor (have we mentioned him before?). His name is Chris. He's done with the film, waiting to export everything for our online, and will soon depart for LA.


Cowp now works at Killian Advertising.

Kirsten now works at Kartemquin Films.

Marc now oversees marketing for Tallgrass Beef.

Graham now works for Optimus, Inc. and Cinema/Chicago.

Will now works for some lawyer in Chicago.

Jesse still works for Kannon Consulting, but is planning a relocation to the Bay Area.

Alex and Ben now work for the Chicago Media Initiative Group. Alex also recently completed principle editing for THAX.

Eliot just passed his exams. He now has a dissertation to write. Something about French and German lit.

Jacques' compositions are frequently performed by the world's leading orchestras. His day-to-day work is something of a mystery; we know only that he bills numerous international business class tickets to Crime Fiction Pictures. Regular destinations include Fiji, Moscow and, of course, Paris.

I guess that's it. We had another big article in Chicagoist. Go to our our website to ge the link. Hopefully Cowperthwait won't wait another 2.5 months before providing our next dose of cynical, supposedly CF-related banter.

*Sadly, Mr. Bashwiner was killed in an attack by carnivorous North Koreans during Crime Fiction Pictures' winter retreat. Classique, who was also vacationing in the area, saved the rest of our lives by writing a spontaneous minuet that mollified the attackers and bought us precious seconds to assemble an escape ladder. We were so grateful, we asked Classique to compose our score.
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Press, 7 [Dec. 12th, 2005|02:14 pm]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

Dan Bakkedahl's (The Daily Show) appearance in three vital roles in the Crime Fiction has drawn comparison to the Peter Sellers three role performance in the 1964 Stanley Kubrick masterpiece Dr. Strangelove.
anon, "Crime Fiction", Wikipedia

And if it's on Wikipedia, it must be true. Just ask John Seigenthaler
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How the hell? [Dec. 2nd, 2005|09:20 pm]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

So we had a rough trailer three months ago; two months ago, work really began in earnest; a trailer was cut, then changes were proposed, and the trailer was recut, and fights were fought and the trailer was recut again, and then copious time was spent screwing with the color incorrectly, then color correction was finally satisfactory. And none of this is a complaint — this is how editing goes; ours is a little slower than it could be, but ... — this is just to point out the obvious: we've watched the trailer at least a hundred times. More realistically, 300 times. And not just watched it, but watched it carefully, and debated, to the frame, the timing of shots, and whether shots needed to be included at all. People have paid close attention to the trailer, is what I'm saying.

And yet.

In rendering trailer DVDs, which among steps in the trailer-making process is... oh, last... Ballou and I noticed this.

A project will occasionally overlook a boom in the very top of the frame. Once in a while, I've seen a faint camera shadow. In the first Superman, I remember one shot where I clearly saw the stuntman's flying harness.

However, I don't know that in the history of cinema anyone has ever overlooked an entire Kolak. Until now.
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(no subject) [Nov. 18th, 2005|08:10 pm]
Don Lee Boone's production diary

Crime Fiction's Dan Bakkedahl's newest Daily Show segment is really good. You should watch it.

Cowperthwait watches with a date.
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